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Olivia Pan Stick Review || Best & Affordable Concealer Under Rs.100 In India

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Here I am with another product review and this time I will be talking about a very popular product and with the popular word I truly mean this word.Because many famous beauty YouTubers have talked about this baby.I am talking about this OLIVIA INSTANT WATERPROOF MAKEUP STICK which is super affordable and works as same as a high-end product does.

This product is available in the market for a very long time but I found this on youtube.So I thought why don't I have this? and then after I bought this product. Now I have used this and I have to say that, they were not wrong.It does its job perfectly and I am in love with this stick now.I have also reviewed this on my youtube channel and in the video I gave a demo also.So if you are interested to see that video, I will link it down below.Now we will talk about this makeup stick in detail.


Packaging is quite simple, as it is a makeup stick, so it is in a stick form.The makeup stick comes with an outer cardboard packaging which is dark brown in colour.All the details such as price, SPF, the method of application, shade, weight etc, are mentioned in the outer case.

Now, talking about its inner packaging.So the plastic of the pan stick is very flimsy but we can't expect high quality at such a low price.There is a rotating thing over the makeup stick, so we'll have to rotate this and then the product will come out.This Olivia pan stick comes with an instruction booklet also on which all 10 shades are mentioned so that you can choose perfect shades according to your complexion.Directions for use also given in this booklet which is very good.So, that's all about its packaging.


Rs.120 ( but you can bargain and get it for Rs100 only if you are buying from your local beauty store )


15 gm ( very good quantity )




There are total 10 shades available ( I have 05-Touch & Glow


Use before 3 years from packed.




Available on online as well as local cosmetics.


Olivia instant waterproof makeup stick says that instant waterproof foundation with sunscreen is made for all skin types.By giving a smooth and uniform coverage on your skin it gives a youthful and radiant look all day long.It has SPF 12 which blocks harmful UV a brays.

It is waterproof, sweat proof having inbuilt moisturiser.It conceals dark spots and comes in 10 skin matching shades.This is the first waterproof 3 in 1 complete makeup kit in a convenient stick form.


This is the great concealer in very affordable price.You can apply this as a foundation, a base or as a concealer.I bought this for under eye use as a concealer.I have the shade no.-05 ( touch & glow) which perfectly suits my skin.The texture of the product is so smooth as it easily glides on the face.This conceals my under eye area at the same time highlight also.

This also conceals any unwanted dark spots or blemishes on your face.Yes, this is completely waterproof and sweatproof because I have tried & tested this.It has spf12 so I don't have to apply sunscreen.Only one thing I don't like about this product which it smells very strong but after a few minutes it fades away otherwise, I am in love with this pan stick.It stays max.4 to 5 hrs on my face but I have to set this with the powder because my T-zone area tends to increase after a while.


(1)Directly apply on face and neck with the help of the stick or you can use your finger also.
(2)Blend with your fingers or the brush
(3)Set with the compact powder


-It can be used as a makeup base, concealer and a foundation.
-Glides on very easily
-Comes with spf12
-Waterproof and sweat proof
-Super affordable and travel-friendly
-Blends like a pro
-Coverage is buildable
-Hides all the dark circles, pigmentation, blemishes in one application.


-It is so creamy in texture so setting with powder is the must
-The fragrance is little strong
-Packaging is not so good.

Finally, I have reviewed on this Olivia pan stick and I will definitely recommend you this one.You should try this at least once.This is an amazing product at such an affordable price.The only thing you will have to keep in mind is that find your perfect match shade which suits and flatters your skin.

So, guys, that's it for today's blog post. I hope you will find this post really helpful.I will see you in my next blog post, till then

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Sunday, 25 February 2018


Hi, Peachyfam💓!

Welcome to my blog.I hope you all are doing well.In today's blog post I am going to do unboxing and review of the GLAMEGO BOX February Edition 2018. Glamego is the monthly beauty subscription box which provides the luxury products from the premium brands.This is India's No.1 subscription box.


This month subscription box is completely based on Valentine's Theme.Each box contains 4 products which can be related to skin care, hair care and makeup. 


Packaging is really cute.Box is white in colour and has small letter alphabets all over it.This time they included 4 step kind of get ready with me.All products are organic.

You will get a chance of win the Rs.10,000 Shoppers Stop voucher.There is a contest running now, all you have to do is mark your loved one's last or middle name on the box and then post & tag the @glamego . In any case If you unable to find the name, then write the name on the card and tag the glamego.Details of the products are mentioned behind the voucher.

These following products are in this box.


-Choose as per your skin type, I picked the clay based one which is for oily skin
-Worth Rs.359/-
-25 ml
-Enriched with argon oil & vitamin E
-Exclusive product 
-Smells like chocolate
-Ingredients are pure cocoa,argon oil,caffeine,vitamin E,coffee,glycerin,clay base,aqua


-Protective screen against pollution for face
-Worth Rs.495/-
-30 ml
-Ingredients are are aqua,biosaccharide gum-4, phenoxyethanol and very big names...
-Exclusive product
-It is suitable for all skin types
-It gives the invisible shield against the pollution nano particles that protects, nourishes and soothes the skin
-It is free of sulfate, mineral oil, paraben, fragrance & silicon
-Smells great.


-Worth Rs.550/-
-25 ml
-Ingredients are saffron,aloevera extract, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, almond oil
-Exclusively made for Glamego
-Natural product
-It contains saffron
-Light weight formula
-Smells exactly like saffron
-Luxurious age defying formula promotes natural fairness and youthful radiance by diminishing age spots and keeping fine lines at bay. 


-I choose the Natural Bath & Body: body mist in wild wonder.
-200 ml
-Fragrance is soothing and sensual at the same time.
-It selectively blends spicy and zesty notes that give you a sense of waking up to the wild.the woody nuances are beautifully complemented by a hint of long lasting sweetness.

Overall, I like this February Glamego Box ,.because It is so affordable and It contains high quality products from the luxury brands.I definitely recommend you to try this month box.If you are interested in buy this box LINK IS HERE:-


So that's it for today's blog post.I hope you will like this post.Do let me know that you liked this post or not and feel free to ask me any questions.Till then, I will see you in my next blog post.

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Friday, 9 February 2018



Hi Everyone!!

As you all know,LAKME is a most trusted brand.I don't need to tell you a lot about this brand.You would have used the products from this brand.My first foundation and compact were also from this brand.So today, I am going to review a product of Lakme in detail which is this LAKME INVISIBLE FINISH FOUNDATION.This is a great product at very affordable range.

I have done both the review and demo on my YouTube channel.If you want to watch that video,I will give the link down below.



This is a heavy transparent glass bottle with a brown colour cap.The glass is look like high quality.Although,It is not a travel friendly product because of its bulkiness.Upper lid comes with a spatula applicator which is good for foundation application.I don't have to use my fingers because I can directly apply the foundation with the spatula on my face and neck.

But at the same time the cap gets all messy like the picture I have shown you.This does not come with any extra like cardboard packaging.All the details such as price,manufacturing date,etc. are mentioned on the bottle.At the bottom the shade number is given.So that's all about the packaging.


Rs.250/-(on affordable side)


25ml (quite a good amount)


It comes in total 4 shades which have no names only numbers.Range of shades is limited. 

(1) 01
(2) 02
(3) 04
(4) 05


SPF 8 which is not enough.They should have provided more.


Magnesium Sulphate , Laureth 4 , Cyclomethicone.


Use before 24 months from manufactured.


You can find this foundation easily in your near by beauty stores and If you want any discount then check it out on line.It is easily available on online websites as well.It is available almost everywhere which is a great thing.


Invisible finish foundation offers perfect blending and full coverage for a flawless almost invisible finish.It is water based and have SPF 8 for the sun protection.It claims that the shades especially created for Indian skin tones. At last they mention a quote which says "FEEL IT SAY IT" which I think is really cute.


I have the foundation in shade 02 which is suitable for medium to fair skin tones.It quite matches my skin tone. When I apply the foundation on my face & neck ,I always use a brush because this way I find less messy.It is water based so you can easily apply with your fingers and blend as well.It has strong chemically smell which I don't like at all but it fades away after some time.I have combination skin and this Lakme foundation gives the matte finish on my face. So I do not need any powder to set this foundation.

It glides on easily and feels light on the skin.This almost gives an invisible finish which is a great thing.But It claims that It is full coverage full coverage which is totally wrong.Although coverage is buildable. It has SPF 8 , So I can skip the sun screen .Shades are especially designed for Indian skin types which is true.But the range of shades is limited.It does not feel patchy at all .It stays 4 to 5 hrs maximum on my skin for everyday look. Over all It is a great affordable foundation.


(1) Apply the foundation all over your face and neck with your fingers in small dots manner or you can use spatula then directly apply on your face.Do not forget your under eye area.

(2) Take a foundation brush, blender or you can use the fingers and blend very well.

(3) After blending,If you have oily skin apply compact or pressed powder to set the foundation.Dry skin people can skip this step.Normal or combination people can set their T-zone area or whatever you want ,you are free to do anything.


(1) Gives the invisible finish
(2) Comes with a spatula applicator
(3) Good for everyday
(4) Especially created for Indian skin tones
(5) Medium to fair coverage
(6) Best for beginners
(7) Budget friendly
(8) Blends easily
(9) Doesn't look patchy
(10) Comes with SPF
(11) Very light on the skin


(1) Fragrance is very strong
(2) Lid gets messy sometimes.
(3) Limited shades.
(4) Not a full coverage foundation.

So guys, overall I like this product because It is affordable,best suited for Indian skin tones and gives the invisible natural finish to the face. Do let me know in the comment section If you have ever used this foundation.Till then I will see in my next blog post.

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Saturday, 20 January 2018


Hey, Peachypinkpretty!!

How are you? missing me?😊
In today's blog post I will be talking about the "BLUE HEAVEN ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION COMPRESSED POWDER.I recently purchased this compact from online and I am loving it.So, I thought of sharing my experience about this Blue Heaven compact with you.So here I am, I will be given the review and swatch of this Blue Heaven Ultra High Definition Compressed Powder, Ufff.....ffff.😐.It is really a big name.

You all know that Blue Heaven is a local Indian brand which sells the products at the very affordable price and you can find these products easily in your nearby local stores.Recently Blue Heaven launched a few good products.It is one of them.I will tell you in detail from its packaging to its application and texture.

I also uploaded a video of this review on my Youtube channel.If You want to watch it then click here.


So, let's explore this product.

Blue Heaven UHD compact is a compressed powder which gives a high definition effect to the face .It gives the matte look to the face and absorbs all excess oil from the face.


Blue Heaven UHD compact comes in a cute pink cardboard packing.Compact has an innovating slide opening with a high quality mirror at the bottom.It looks luxurious .I am so impressed with the packaging.Now a days, Blue Heaven doing a great job when it comes to packaging.This compact looks like a high end product.It comes with a sponge which is not so good but the compact is good.


₹125/- , which is extremely affordable.(You can get discount online)

9gm (quite a good quantity)


This is available in four shades:-
 01 Ivory
 02 Marvel
 03 Pearl
 04 Natural


Talc, Zinc Stearate, Dimethicone, Mica, Poly methyl, Methacrylate, Perfume and Colours.


Use before 3 years from manufactured.


Blue Heaven UHD compact gives a soft focus, high definition effect with the help of oil absorbing polymer that leads to a matte look to your face throughout the day.It contains a special polymer that helps in even application and glide of the puff.The finely grinded pigments and powders gives you a radiant non patchy glowing look.


When I apply this compact every time, my skin feels really soft.It is very light and gentle on your skin.I applied this compressed powder on my face with a powder brush.Because whenever I applied this powder on my face with the sponge which came with this compact, my face looks white and uneven.Sponge absorbs  more product than the powder brush so with the sponge product spreads unevenly on the face.That's why I found this sponge useless.I recommend you to use this compact with powder brush not the sponge.

One thing I liked about this compact most is that It absorbs all excess oil from your face and your face doesn't look oily at all.This gives the matte finish to your face and It does stay on your face for 5 to 6 hours which is really good.


It does last long for maximum 5-6hrs.


-Innovative packaging
-Super affordable
-Gives a high definition effect
-Very light on the skin
-Easy to use
-Travel friendly
-Mild fragrance
-Gives a matte finish to the face
-Feels soft on skin
-Good for oily & combination skin
-Does not look chalky


-Not for extremely dry skin.
-There are only four shades in it.
-Sponge is useless. 

That was all about this product. Overall I really liked this product.I recommend you to try this at least once because its staying power is so good .For oily skin people this is the best and affordable too.Do let me know in the comments that if you used it then how much you liked this product.I will see you in my next blog post.

Huge love💓

Sunday, 14 January 2018


Hey,Peachypinkpretty !!

Look Friends ! The new year has arrived and we all have taken our own new year resolutions but the things we do everyday and the habits we have, those also need to improve now and bring all those things to your routine,this is also important. So today I am going to tell you about 10 things which you should do everyday in 2018 and trust me guys,all these points that I will tell you I am doing all those everyday or I am trying very hard to do these for a long time.

If you also include all these things in your life , in the end your life will get better and you will get better.So without any further delay lets get start it.


First point is that you have to drink a lot of water no matter how busy you are. You have to drink at least 8 glasses of water or you can drink the water according to your body as much as your body needs and I'm proud of my habit that I can not remember anything but always remember drinking water.Drinking water has become my necessity and you should also try to get water everyday as much as you need for your body .Drinking water will make your skin more glowing and you will have less problems with  your skin.This leads to weight loss and all the toxins that are present in our body are released .It also helps in our digestion.So it is very important to drink water everyday.


If you are not organized in your life then your life can not be better. Since I've started to be organized since then my life has become so easy that I can not even tell you guys.I started taking less stress in my life now .I don't have to search my things so that productivity increases and I'm focusing more on my goals.Make your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning.Keep your room clean .Keep all your stuff well and organized.Set your goals.Get a planner and write down all the things.This will make your life so easy and your life will not remain messy at all and you will feel the same yourself plus you will save time and money too.


The more you need to productive,the more important It is to sleep better. Nowadays,we are so busy that we forget to sleep properly and due to not sleeping properly we get dark circles under our eyes and other health problems too.So,getting enough sleep is very important for us.Due to not sleeping properly,we may have health problems.Stress is reduced due to sleep properly .We do not get tired in the middle of the day and we feel energetic all day.So do not be too busy and take care of your health.Get enough sleep.


This is a work that I have started doing since last year and I started making my daily to-do list.Since then my life has been very improvised.I do not put my things on tomorrow and I have started to be quite organized.Everyday I make to-do list and whatever is written in it,I complete one by one.After completing every goal I feel so good and in this way I can easily accomplish small goals.So what are you waiting for .Take a a pen,make a daily to-do list and accomplish your goals everyday and be organized.


Learn new things everyday,even it is small.With this you will be able to know your creativity well and your learning capacity will increase .I also learn a thing everyday whether it is small or a big one.For example,If I don't know how to apply eyeliner and I want to be perfect in applying eyeliner,then I will apply eyeliner on my eyes everyday,no matter what it takes.This is just a small example .In the same way,you can learn what you want ,you just have to work on it and keep trying until you learn that thing completely.

That's it guys I hope you will like this post.Do let me know in the comment section that What are the things you think we should do everyday in 2018 ? I will love reading your comments.I will meet you in my next blog post.Till then stay healthy,be happy and take care of yourself.

Love You ,Good Bye!!

Saturday, 6 January 2018



Hi Guys!!

I am EKTA. Welcome to my blog. So, guys, the new year has arrived and all of you have made your bucket list 2018. I have also made mine and for my first blog post, this could be a good topic. So I am going to share with you some of my wishes of the bucket list or you may call my new year resolutions/goals those I want to complete this year. I hope you will find one for yourself too.



As you all know, I have a youtube channel and it is very difficult to have 1000 subscribers for a new youtuber.If you are also a youtuber then you can understand my situation very well.So my first target is to have at least 1000 subscribers in this year.If you want to be a part of my youtube family, you are most welcome.You can subscribe to my channel.Link is down below.

Now, guys, I thought about my youtube but I have to think about my blog too.So the second point in my bucket list is that I have to write at least 30 blog posts in this year.


I can not tell you guys how excited I am to travel.I become crazy by staying at home.Now I have to feel fresh air.So I want to visit at least one place in this year.So that my mind gets fresh and I stop thinking about extravagant things.


This is the one thing I want to do for two years but for some reason, I am not able to colour my hair.There is only one reason for not having hair colour, that is my parents.Yes, you heard it right.I have so many grey hairs.So I want to have my hair colour but they don't allow me to do this.I hope this year I can convince them for this thing.


Being a foodie,I want to try a lot of new food but I live in such a family where to eat out means waste money,because I belong to a middle class family.So I want to work so hard and earn money this year,that I do not ask for money from my parents for anything.


This year I really want to buy a new phone for myself which will solve my video and photo purpose well.Since I am a youtuber and a blogger ,so I need a good camera for youtube videos and blog pictures but at the moment I can not afford a good camera.That's why I will buy a mobile phone.


Whenever I see any tattoo on someone's body I also feel like I should have a tattoo on my body ,on my hand or on my neck but that does makes sense,so I hope I'll get a tattoo this year on my body.


Last year I went to Andaman and I was thinking about scuba diving all the time but there was so little time that I couldn't go for scuba diving and I still regret that I did not do that.I really wanted to see those colourful fish and corals in there.So I am gonna do scuba in this year definitely.


You will not believe that I Had gone in a water park 16 years ago. So you can understand how excited I am to go there and enjoy the rides .This summer i will definitely go to the water park and will spend the whole day there.I know this is weird one but this is fun.


This year I will pay more attention to my looks .May be I will get a hair cut or I will improve my physical appearance and may be I can try something out of my comfort zone.I will learn some more makeup techniques definitely.

So this was all in today's blog post. I hope you liked my bucket list 2018 .If you have any questions or any suggestions related to this post,let me know in the comment section below.I will see you in my next blog post.

Good Bye !!

Olivia Pan Stick Review || Best & Affordable Concealer Under Rs.100 In India

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